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Noah Davis: The Journal

Featuring lush, powerful paintings by Noah Davis, this blank book—the latest in The…

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Seven Centuries of Ornate Bookbindings on View at the Grolier Club NYC

NEW YORK CITY – The Grolier Club starts the new year with…

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“The Work Boyfriend”, A Christmas Rom-Com Novel. By Rebecca Mardon

When your quarter-life crisis might blow up your entire world . .

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Weave Me a Crooked Basker, a Novel by Charles Goodrich

It’s the summer of 2008, and thirty-five-year-old Ursula Tunder, reeling from the…

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Pluto: A Masterpiece of Mystery and Science Fiction Manga

Pluto is a Japanese manga series that has captivated readers with its…

How Reading Books Can Improve Decision-Making

It is already a proven fact that reading books is beneficial to…

“REBEL RISING,” a memoir by Rebel Wilson, will be published by Simon & Schuster on April 2024

NEW YORK, October 4—Simon & Schuster announced today that it will publish Rebel…

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The Shortlist for The Booker Prize 2023 Has Been Announced

The 2023 winner, announced on November 26 at an award ceremony held…

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Mentorship and Its Role in the Development of Student Study Skills

Irrespective of the field of your interest, the role of the mentor…

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Combating plagiarism and ethics in the academic environment

Academic excellence depends on upholding principles of integrity, honesty, and originality. With…

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