Judith Hopf | Metro Pictures Online Film Festival

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Metro Pictures is presenting a different artist’s film or series of shorts each weekend to stream online from Friday at noon until Sunday at midnight (Eastern Time).

Judith Hopf

Some end of things: Conception of youth (2011)

Lily´s Laptop (2013)

MORE (2015)

UP! (2016)

OUT (2018)

Watch Online now through Sunday, June 28, at Midnight Eastern Time

This weekend we are presenting Judith Hopf’s recent short films. Since the 1990s, Hopf has been creating videos in which humor is used to explore how everyday objects, architecture, and technology affect the human body, our behaviour, and our relationships with each other. Her funny, dreamlike works set ridiculous scenarios against backdrops of everyday life: a girl floods her family’s apartment in Lily´s Laptop; a car momentarily flips on its side in UP!; and an apartment building comes to life in OUT.


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