Asakusa Kid (2021)
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Asakusa Kid (2021). Netflix Movies. Reviews

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Asakusa Kid is a 2021 Japanesse movie directed by Hitori Gekidan about the life of Takeshi Kitano. Starring Yûya Yagira and Mugi Kadowaki.


It is the 1960s and a young Takeshi Kitano drops out of school to immerse himself in the theatre. He is fortunate enough to become the protege of a famed entertainer in Japan. Takeshi is taught to practice being an entertainer day and night, awake or sleeping. He should inhabit the persona. At the same time theatre is becoming less popular as people gravitate to their televisions. (Filmaffinity)

Movie Reviews

“‘The Asakusa Kid’ has many entertaining moments, but falls short in its characterization of Take (…) Rating: ?? (out of 5)” Barbara Shulgasser-Parker: Common Sense Media

“Yuya Yugira gives a grounded performance (…) A good reflective movie behind the reality of the exterior we’ve seen in TV or showbiz industries (…) Rating: ???½ (out of 5)” Christina Geani: Ready Steady Cut

Release Date

December 9, 2021.

Where to Watch

On Netflix.

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Cast & Crew

Asakusa Kid (2021)

Movie title: Asakusa Kid

Date published: January 20, 2022

Director(s): Hitori Gekidan


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