Cape Fear
Cape Fear

‘Cape Fear’ (1991) Movie Review: One of the Greatest Thrillers of the 90’s

Cape Fear is a great movie starring Robert De Niro, Nick Nolte, Jessica Lange, Juliette Lewis and Joe Don Baker. Directed by Martin Scorsese.

About the Movie

Cape Fear is, first of all, a magnificent film. Great performances (of course, De Niro stands out playing a total psychopath). The plot: an ex-convict comes to embitter the life of a lawyer for not doing his job well many years later. But during his 14 years inside, the guy has had a hard time (he was a rapist, no less), so he learned to read and imbibed Nietzsche and other concepts and… he digested them as he digested them (although they said the same thing about the Nazis, the philosopher is to blame).

The film is a metaphor and a religious tale, with dreamlike images (the changing sky) and an irreal setting. What I mean is, sometimes the director (Scorsese, no less) tricks us with the editing (as always, Thelma Schoonmaker was behind it) and the thing is not Dogma-like (we appreciate it, hee hee). I mean that the tricks are noticeable but Scorsese makes them patently apparent and that we are watching a movie. Literary theme: Thomas Wolfe is very present as is his angel that looked at us one day. Now that angel is a psychopath who comes to torment us and wreak vengeance in our lives (a bit different from Wolfe’s book, hence the metaphor).

A very intelligent film, different, that plays with the viewer and with classic suspense… nor does it take anyone’s side, because the traditional family it defends… is also in a way broken from the inside due to the husband’s infidelities…, by her passivity…, by a girl who is a teenager.

The angel has arrived and we will see what she shows us.

Recommended, even if some years have passed.


Cape Fear
Cape Fear

Movie title: Cape Fear

Movie description: A criminal recently released from prison decides to harass a lawyer and his family. It is soon discovered that the criminal had some reason for his recriminations.

Date published: November 4, 2020

Country: United States

Duration: 130 mins.

Director(s): Martin Scorsese

Writer(s): Wesley Strick

Cinematography: Freddie Francis

Music: Elmer Bernstein

Actor(s): Robert De Niro, Jessica Lange, Nick Nolte, Juliette Lewis, Robert Mitchum, Gregory Peck, Joe Don Baker, Illeana Douglas, Fred Dalton Thompson, Martin Balsam

Genre: Thriller

Companies: Amblin Entertainment, Cappa Films, Tribeca Productions, Universal Pictures

Our Opinion

A very intelligent film, different, that plays with the viewer and the classic suspense… that also does not take sides because the traditional family it defends… is also somehow broken from the inside by the husband’s infidelities… by her passivity… by a girl who is a teenager.


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