5 Underrated Movies About Paris and Love


Oh, Paris… There is no city more attractive to filmmakers. Its landscapes served as the backdrop for the most famous stories of world cinema, however, the city itself played a major role in many films. Eras and regimes are changing but Paris always remains unique and love seems magical there.

Midnight in Paris, 2011

Paris is a city with a rich history, the keeper of many secrets that are revealed only to the elite. Gil is a hopeless romantic, not very successful writer who arrives in Paris in search of new experiences. And he will not take long to wait – after midnight when the city is plunged into darkness, miracles will begin to work here. Together with Gil, we will be able to make an unimaginable journey into the past, meet with Sartre, Hemingway, Picasso, Gertrude Stein, and other great people who walked the streets of Paris in the last century, dined in small cozy cafes, and created their own unique works. In the morning, the mirage promises to disappear but what to do with a sudden love?

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Paris Manhattan, 2012

All the girls are incorrigible romantics. Albeit at the very bottom of their hearts, but still, they really want some fabulous story in everyday life. Alas, for some reason, fairy tales happen very, very rarely, giving way to a not-so-attractive reality. Alice has long been completely hopelessly in love with Woody Allen – a portrait of the famous director hangs over her bed, she talks with him in the evenings, and meanwhile, life quickly passes by. Alice is already thirty and nothing happens in her life. All relatives, as usual, seek to marry the rebellious beauty, but now, it seems, Alice herself doesn’t want earthly love at all. But a sudden meeting with Woody will help her reconsider her plans for life.

Moulin Rouge, 2001

Are there people who have not heard about the famous Moulin Rouge? Watching this film, you can get inside the most famous cabaret. Christian is a talented but poor writer. Once in the cabaret Moulin Rouge, he falls in love with the beautiful Satine – a superstar of musical performances and courtesan. Satine and the director of the cabaret Siedler are just about to run the scam: the actress must seduce the fabulously wealthy Duke to get him to finance the performances. She and the rich man are about to have a date but Christian comes to the beauty a little earlier, and she takes him for the Duke.

Paris, Je T’aime, 2006

Paris is very different. You can look at the life of residents with the help of various stories that are shown in this film. A guy falls in love with a girl but misses the moment for dating. A man plans to break up with his wife but just at that moment, she shows him the results of the examination: she has the last stage of cancer… This film is a mosaic of eighteen stories about different manifestations of love, each of which takes place in different districts of Paris.

Angel-A, 2005

This is a delightful film about the second chance, honor, and love. The film deserves special attention. 28-year-old Andre owes tens of thousands of euros to various bandits throughout Paris. When the time for reckoning is approaching, he realizes that there is no chance to pay. But now, having decided to commit suicide, he sees a stunning beauty in a very small black dress on the bridge that jumps into the Seine. Andre rushes after her. The rescued girl promises to help Andre in everything: she comes up with amazing ways to raise money and helps solve problems with creditors. But then Andre begins to wonder – why is this amazing girl trying so hard for him?

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