Get In (2019)
Furia (2019)

Get In (2019). Netflix Movie. Review

Get In (2019)
Get In (2019)

Get In (Furie) is a French film that we can see on Netflix. Directed by Olivier Abbou and performed by Adama Niane, Stéphane Caillard and Paul Hamy

Get In is a very interesting movie. It begins as the French classic, defender of reason and the principles of the French Revolution and ends up becoming something that goes beyond social criticism and, at the same time, continues to be so. A good movie.


A family goes on vacation and when they return, they find that the nanny has occupied their house, which the owners had left for her. After a small legal battle, the authorities decide that the new tenants cannot be kicked out, which is why things get complicated when Paul Diallo meets a mysterious neighbor who questions his most stigmatized behaviors.

Get In (2019)
Get In (2019)

The Movie. Review

Whoa, whoa who occasionally make smart movies that are not bad at all and surprise us. Gei In starts as if it was going to give us a somewhat school moral lesson to gradually get into grayer terrain of human behavior when the couple gets into difficulties and the convictions of him (professor of History and believer in social principles) are confronted to a more brutal human reality.

The movie deceives us and plays with us in a bad way and we start to love it because it looks like a seduction process in which little by little it conquers us. What was something classic and with a tendency towards somewhat ‘dripping’ drama and a lesson in good manners leads us to something much more profound and revealing and terrifying. Very good script that deals with the social issue from all sides and conflicts but, for once, does not resort as usual in French cinema to the topics of the school in which everything is fine and, if we are good, everything It will go well because society will take care of us. No, no, no … the plot is much more complex and the human soul reveals itself against society, showing its wildest and most hostile side.

We may like it or not, but it is an uncomfortable movie that makes you think. It’s worth seeing. Well interpreted, well directed, good staging and staging … manages to reach a rhythm that is growing and gets us into a situation very little by little.

It is a little example of this new and unspeakable horror cinema, different.

Our Rating

This time we did it without reading previous reviews to avoid influencesd: we give it three and a half stars because it looks different, original and with a very intelligent script.

P.S: We have not been able to hold back and, okay, they put it ‘in broth’ but we do not care. We liked it.


About Get In

Original title: Furie
Year: 2019
Running time: 97 min.
Country: France
Director: Olivier Abbou
Screenwriter: Olivier Abbou, Aurélien Molas (Story: Aurélien Molas)
Cinematography: Laurent Tangy
Producer: Co-production France-Belgium; 22h22 / CNC / Chaocorp production / Nexus Factory / Ciné+ / Umedia / Canal+ / SofiTVciné 6 / uFund
Genre: Thrille

Cast: Adama Niane, Stéphane Caillard, Paul Hamy, Eddy Leduc, Hubert Delattre, Leila Amara, Coline Beal, Carine Bouquillon, Marie Bourin, Christopher Fataki, Charlotte Geiger, François Godart, Jacques Herlin, Matthieu Kacou, Carole Le Sone, Saverio Maligno, Florence Masure, Alioune Badara Mbay, Emmanuel Plovier, Emmanuel Rausenberger, Mickaël Sabah, Jean-Maximilien Sobocinski, Alice Taurand, Bruno Tuchszer, Coralie Wesolowski, Emilie Wiest, Yacine Benaouda, Naëlle Triplet, Victoria Wabelawa

Get In (2019)
Get In (2019)

Movie title: Furie

Date published: January 27, 2022

Director(s): Olivier Abbou


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