Kasmin. “AND/ALSO: Photography (Mis)represented” opens July 9 by appointment

Kasmin’s 297 Tenth Avenue space will reopen by appointment on July 9, 2020, with the exhibition AND/ALSO: Photography (Mis)represented. Visitors can book reservations on the gallery website, where health and safety precautions are listed in full.

In the last ten years, the boundaries between photography and sculpture, architecture, painting, drawing, media and computation have become increasingly porous. AND/ALSO: Photography (Mis)represented unites six photographers based in New York whose practices demonstrate the easy slippage between one medium and the next. The artists use new technologies and advanced editing softwares to challenge concepts historically associated with formalism in photography, like authorship, deadpan documentation, and chemical composition. Taken together, the works demonstrate how photography today is a medium that incorporates all mediums. The exhibition features work by Farah Al Qasimi, Roe Ethridge, Lucas Blalock, Michele Abeles, Erin O’Keefe, and Daniel Gordon.

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