A+D Museum Announces Unprecedented Original Design Awards

A+D Museum Announces Unprecedented Original Design Awards

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Los Angeles, CA November 9, 2020- The A+D Architecture and Design Museum (“A+D Museum”) announced today the launch of a Design Awards Program taking place this Winter. Groundbreaking in its format, the A+D Museum Design Awards acknowledges the cross-disciplinary and multi-experiential reality of the architecture and design community through both the jury and categories. Architects, designers, and other creative disciplines are positioned alongside each other in conceptual categories to allow for expanded entries. The Awards are devised to break away from traditional award program structures to recognize contemporary work on design fringes, and to allow entrants to receive feedback from experts across multiple fields.
The Jury is composed of architects, product designers, fashion designers, real estate developers, social scientists, film and television professionals, and beyond The categories are imaginative, open-ended, and leave it up to the entrants to interpret which fits their project best. Full lists of the Design Awards jury and entry categories are available below.

The Awards are open for submissions at awards.aplusd.org, with a deadline of November 25, 2020. The jury will convene in the first week of December, and announcements are scheduled to go out in a weekend long digital event beginning December 11, 2020.

Silvia Kuhle, A+D Museum Board Treasurer and Design Awards Chair explained,
“Right at the outset the awards created a platform for the A+D Museum to reach and include a new, diverse community while strengthening its ties to A+D’s existing family. We’re excited to honor outstanding contributors in all fields of the arts and design.”

A+D Museum’s Executive Director, Anthony Morey, expressed enthusiasm for the program,

“Our new awards are a statement and testament to the Museum’s desire to evaluate and support the design and architecture evolution continuously. Finding ways to break through historically stringent classifications and embracing crossbreeding, external influences, and cultural shifts allow us to discover new ways to create conversations and exchanges that spark tomorrow’s bases for creative exchange. These awards are how we see the creative discipline today and how we see our community inhabiting today’s innovative world. ”

The Submission Fee is an $80 donation for processing. The A+D Museum is an inclusive institution; there is an opportunity for those to whom this fee presents an obstacle to receive a waiver. Students may submit for free.

A+D Home Page: www.aplusd.org
A+D Award Site: www.awards.aplusd.org

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