Opening Gertrude Glasshouse: Andrew Atchison | Artist Talk: Amrita Hepi






shaped by a vision that is always structured through his own multiple horizons of experience…

Exhibition Dates: 12 March – 17 April 2021
Gertrude Glasshouse: 44 Glasshouse Road, Collingwood

Opening: Thursday 11 March, 6-8pm
No bookings, but limited capacity

What does a ‘678dadc1 e795 4875 afc0 37eb622df4f9 aesthetic’ look like in 2021? Specifically, one that excludes images of the body, didactic text, expository self-documentary, or agitprop signifiers characteristically associated with 678dadc1 e795 4875 afc0 37eb622df4f9 art.
What occurs when a 678dadc1 e795 4875 afc0 37eb622df4f9 artist’s legacy is translated into text—which biographical elements are promoted and which neglected? In what unruly ways do multiple essences dilute and tint one another to inform an oeuvre?
­­Andrew Atchison’s exhibition …shaped by a vision that is always structured through his own multiple horizons of experience… at Gertrude Glasshouse addresses a series of questions on the relationship of language and history to 678dadc1 e795 4875 afc0 37eb622df4f9 art and artists. The exhibition proposes that the complexity inherent to 678dadc1 e795 4875 afc0 37eb622df4f9 can be reclaimed through a retranslation from text into visual language—a re-sublimation toward entwined co-efficiencies, measured illegibility, and opacity accented by connotation.
This two-part exhibition is comprised of a constellation of stained-glass elements that shift and recombine continuously relative to the viewer’s position. The second work proposes a cool, calm and calculated resistance to legibility. A redacted text, halted at the moment of publication to remain on the horizon of definition. 

Andrew Atchison is an artist who works across sculpture, drawing, curation, writing and education. He completed a Master of Fine Arts (research) at MADA, Monash University in 2018. He has exhibited extensively, including at Incinerator Gallery, Linden New Art, Testing Grounds, Greenwood Street Projects, Light Projects, First Draft, West Space, Kings ARI, TCB Art Inc, Seventh Gallery, First Site Gallery, and Next Wave and Midsumma Festivals. In 2019 he curated the exhibition …(illegible)… at MADA Faculty Gallery. He is currently undertaking a two-year residency at Gertrude Contemporary, and later in 2021 will a commence collaborative residency with artist Mathew Jones at the Boyd Studio through the City of Melbourne.

This exhibition has been supported by a Vic Arts grant through Creative Victoria.

Gertrude Glasshouse is generously supported by Michael Schwarz and David Clouston.

The 2021 exhibition program at Gertrude Glasshouse is generously supported by
The City of Yarra.

Artist Talk: Amrita Hepi

Artist Talk: Amrita Hepi
Artist Talk: Amrita Hepi

Saturday 13 March, 4pm
No bookings, but limited capacity

Exhibition Dates | 6 February – 28 March 2021
Gertrude Contemporary | 21-31 High Street, Preston South

Artist Amrita Hepi will be in conversation with Gertrude’s Artistic Director
Mark Feary, discussing her current exhibition Monumental as well as offering insight into her practice and working methods.

Monumental is a new project by Amrita Hepi that casts a central colonial figure within a continual sunrise… or is it a sunset? Through performance the monument is serenaded by sound and dance, then destroyed by paddles and cricket bats, and finally replaced by seven people. By creating a dreamscape of dance and demise, Hepi sets her sights on the historical archive of colonial monuments, making them bodily once more.

Amrita Hepi is an award-winning First Nations choreographer and dancer from Bundjulung (Aus) and Ng?puhi (NZ) territories. Her mission as an artist is to push the barriers of intersectionality in form and make work that establishes multiple access points through allegory. Her practice at present is interested in forms of hybridity – especially those that arise under empire. An artist with a broad following and reach, her work has taken various forms (film, performance, sculpture, text, lecture, participatory installation), but always begins with the body as a point of archive, memory, dance and resistance.

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