A+D Museum Announces Groundbreaking Digital World Exhibition






Los Angeles, CA May 20, 2021- The A+D Architecture and Design Museum (“A+D Museum”) announced their forthcoming exhibition “One Object at a Time” curated by Ebrahim Poustinchi, Founder/Director of the Robotically Augmented Design (RAD) Lab and Assistant Professor of Architecture at Kent State University. The exhibition, set to open on June 18th 2021, is an exploration of the lines between virtual, physical, and digital, which have been blurred through the notions of physical distancing, WFH, and quarantine. It plays with the experience of space, scale, and architecture in relation to virtuality, presence, and absence. One Object at a Time is the first exhibition of its kind.

One Object at a Time is based on a collection of digital objects submitted by architects and designers such as Greg Lynn FORM, Ivan Bernal, hoX(Brendan Ho), Ibañez Kim, BairBalliet Ferda Kolatan/SU11 Architecture + Design, and many more (full participant list below). The curator uses the exhibition space not just as a platform to showcase these objects, but instead builds the space of the exhibition out of these objects. The objects will be brought together, one at a time, digitally curated, scaled, positioned, and re-imagined as part of a bigger whole. Via an online VR platform, the objects serve both as the exhibition-space, and the exhibited, simultaneously.

The exhibition is set to launch on June 18th 2021 online at aplusd.org as an interactive web-based experience, and on the Sansar platform.

Participating Artists

A/P Practice ? AN.ONYMOUS ? BairBalliet (Kelly Bair + Kristy Balliet) ? Endemic
Architecture ? Ferda Kolatan, SU11 Architecture + Design ? Folly Feast Lab ?
Gabriel Esquivel ? Greg Lynn FORM ? hoX (Brendan Ho) ? Hume Architecture ?
Ibañez Kim ? iheartblob ? Ivan Bernal ? James F. Kerestes ? Jason Vigneri-Beane
? Jean Jaminet ? Keyla Hernandez ? MR Studio ? Nick Safley ? office ca ? Ozel
Office ? Rachael McCall ? Sandhya Kochar & Austin Lightle ? Tekena Koko ? The
Bittertang Farm ? ybaynes studio ? Young & Ayata

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