Returning: Chapter One. Sydney Exhibitions






Returning: Chapter One. 4 May – 31 December. FREE on Stream. Sydney Opera House

A free online exhibition of video works by four Australian and Japanese contemporary artists that poetically explore the turbulent emotions of the past year. 

Micheal Do_Sydney Opera House_credit_Daniel Boud
Micheal Do_Sydney Opera House_credit_Daniel Boud

Through poetic metaphors and expressive soundtracks, graveness and humour, focused videography and experimental moving image, Yu Araki (JPN), Cherine Fahd (AUS), Caroline Garcia (AUS) and Koki Tanaka (JPN) have created screen-based works that offer us glimmers of how to find our way again and make sense of our changing surroundings as we return  – return to the world, return to each other and most importantly, return to ourselves.

Curated by Sydney Opera House Contemporary Art Curator, Micheal Do and co-presented by The Japan Foundation.

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