Stuart Davis in Havana. Kasmin. NYC






Kasmin is pleased to announce Stuart Davis in Havana, an exhibition of ten evocative early watercolors painted in 1920 following Stuart Davis’ brief yet formative trip to Havana, Cuba, where the artist convalesced after contracting Spanish flu.

Curated by Priscilla Vail Caldwell in collaboration with Earl Davis and the Estate of Stuart Davis, the exhibition will be on view at 297 Tenth Avenue from June 30–August 13, 2021. This is the second solo exhibition of work by the artist at Kasmin since the gallery began representing the Estate in 2018, and the first to focus on Davis’ time in Cuba. In addition to the suite of paintings, this exhibition presents a trove of archival material documenting the artist’s trip including postcards, lottery tickets, and the painter’s passport.

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