BREAKING: A+D Museum Announces its First Physical Pop-Up Exhibition, ‘Smell. Print.’ that goes beyond the visual






Los Angeles, CA July 30, 2021- The A+D Architecture and Design Museum (“A+D Museum”) announced ‘Smell. Print.’ opening August 6, 2021. The exhibition is the first of A+D’s physical pop-ups since moving to a hybrid model in 2020. The timely exhibition focuses on one of our most under-appreciated senses; smell. Smell. Print. is an immersive show which demonstrates the power of scent in designing space and manipulating the senses for the audience. The exhibition was conceived of by Devon Baur, who works with emerging technologies and is currently an artist-in-residence in Stanford University’s Electrical Engineering. She describes the inspiration behind the exhibit:

“In isolated quarantine our main sense of connection came through seeing and hearing through screens, but now that we are in-person again we want to explore the feeling of connection through our other senses. Smell, which became a global topic in the wake of Covid-19, was perfect for the task of building connections. Just one whiff has the power to transport us across time and space.”

A+D Museum’s Head of Programs, Leila Anna Wahba expressed,

“Smell. Print. pushes our audience towards the newest frontiers in design. It is an opportunity to take stock of how we might break out of the classic modes of interaction, and capture the potential power of scent. It is a means of taking into account how to create a more equal entry point into design for those with different abilities. For the Museum, the pop-up model is an incredible opportunity to engage with diverse communities, as we go on we expect this to be the first of many new homes we find in Los Angeles.”

Audience members will be given an overview on the power of scent then invited to experience this first hand through a narrative smell journey. While the journey is taken alone, all visitors will be brought together in the creation of memory through the experience of a scent that is chemically designed to smell like nothing on earth. This smell print will act as a unifier through an otherwise isolated time period in human history.

Smell. Print. represents the first collaboration between A+D Museum and Stanford University.

Admission is free and we will be allowing entrance via limited timed ticketing.
Tickets available starting July 31st at:
Exhibition Run: from August 6 through August 20 2021.
Hours: Wednesday-Sunday 1-8 PM
Location: The Pop-Up Shop,
3118 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

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