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Irreversible (2002). Movie Reviews

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Irreversible is a 2002 movie written and directed by Gaspar Noé starring Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel and Albert Dupontel.

Plot, Synopsis

After Alex (Belluci) has a fight with her boyfriend Marcus (Cassel), she leaves a party alone and is attacked and raped by a stranger on her way home. Furious, Marcus and his friend Pierre (Dupontel) set out find the rapist and exact revenge. (Filmaffinity)

Irreversible (2002)
Irreversible (2002)

Movie Reviews

“Noé is like Kubrick crossed with de Sade in the age of underground vérité porn; (…) After a while, a didactic overdeliberateness seeps into Noé’s design” Owen Gleiberman: Entertainment Weekly

“The performances certainly don’t stir up much emotion. Except for the sodden Mr. Dupontel — whose shadings of remorse bring the only real feeling to the film’s morbid intensity — no one else creates a character. And it’s why ‘Irréversible” is ultimately forgettable” Elvis Mitchell: The New York Time

Irreversible (2002)
Irreversible (2002)

Movie Trailer

Cast & Crew

Irreversible (2002)
Irreversible (2002)

Movie title: Irreversible

Date published: January 26, 2022

Director(s): Gaspar Noé

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