Spencer (2021). Biopic about Lady Di Starring Kristen Stewart


Spencer is a 2021 drama movie based on the life of Lady Di. Starring Kristen Stewart and directed by Pablo Larraín.

Spencer (2021)
Spencer (2021)

Plot, Synopsis

The story covers a critical weekend in the early ‘90s, when Princess Diana -Diana Frances Spencer- decided her marriage to Prince Charles wasn’t working, and that she needed to veer from a path that put her in line to one day be queen. The drama takes place over three days, in one of her final Christmas holidays in the House of Windsor in their Sandringham estate in Norfolk, England. (Synopsis courtesy of deadline.com)

Spencer (2021)
Spencer (2021)

Movie Reviews

“Stewart’s finely detailed work on the accent and mannerisms is impeccable. The camera adores her (…) it tells a sorrowful story we all think we know in a new and genuinely disturbing light” David Rooney: The Hollywood Reporter

“[It] doesn’t try to locate the real woman behind the legend — as the title might suggest — as it does to reimagine her within a wholly different pop lexicon (…) a psychodrama swimming the same tides as ‘Repulsion'” Ben Croll: IndieWire 


Cast & Crew

Spencer (2021)
Spencer (2021)

Movie title: Spencer

Date published: January 25, 2022

Director(s): Pablo Larraín

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