Opening Soon in Paris | Jannis Kounellis
Opening Soon in Paris | Jannis Kounellis

Opening Soon in Paris | Jannis Kounellis. Lévy Gorvy

Lévy Gorvy is delighted to announce an exhibition devoted to the multifaceted work of Arte Povera artist Jannis Kounellis. By the mid-1960s Kounellis’s artistic repertoire had expanded to three dimensions, incorporating unorthodox components—everything from live horses to overflowing sacks of beans and grains—in an attempt to engage the viewer’s senses and disrupt the traditionally static gallery experience. This work drew the interest of international curator Germano Celant, who included Kounellis in his groundbreaking exhibition Arte povera – Im spazio at Genoa’s Galleria la Bertesca in 1967. The show marked Kounellis as a leader of Arte Povera, a movement predicated on reestablishing connections between art and the world at large, often by turning to the material underpinnings of everyday life. 

Lévy Gorvy’s presentation spotlights paintings, sculptures, and assemblages to convey the richness and depth of Kounellis’s storied half century-long career.


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