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Encounter (2021). Sci-fi on Amazon Prime Video. Movie Reviews

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Encounter is a sci-fi movie starring Riz Ahmed and Octavia Spencer. It’s directed by Michael Pearce.


Riz Ahmed plays Malik Khan, an ex-Marine who, after several tours in war zones, returns home and learns of an ominous secret: an alien species of insects is taking possession of the bodies of ordinary seeming people. (Filmaffinity)

Encounter (2021)
Encounter (2021)

Movie Reviews

“A familial psychodrama with well-crafted sci-fi elements and a pair of impressive child actors (…) surprising and emotional. Tomris Laffly: Variety

“To say [Ahmed] elevates a mediocre script would be a massive understatement, and his work alone almost makes this worth seeing” Brian Tallerico: rogerebert.com

Release Date

10 de diciembre del 2021

Where to Watch Encounter

On Amazon Prime Video.


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Encounter (2021)
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Movie title: Encounter

Date published: January 21, 2022

Director(s): Michael Pearce