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Photocopier (2021). Netflix Movie. Reviews

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Photocopier (Penyalin Cahaya) is a 2021 mystery movie directed by Wregas Bhanuteja. Starring Lutesha, Dea Panendra y Shenina Cinnamon.

Photocopier Plot

Sur lost her scholarship because her drunk selfies were circulated online. Sur seeks help from Amin, a photocopy worker. Together, at the shop, they try to discover the truth about the night at the party by hacking into the students’ phone. (Filmaffinity)

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Release Date

January 13, 2022.

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On Netflix.

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Photocopier (2021)
Photocopier (2021)

Movie title: Penyalin Cahaya

Date published: January 20, 2022

Director(s): Wregas Bhanuteja