Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Highlights from TBS’s “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” 1-27-22

Episode 7203 Description:
Sam calls out Kyrsten Sinema for repeatedly trying to ruin democracy, explores how white men are setting the standards for music (and shouldn’t be), and meets the cats behind the latest spread of misinformation.

Sam Comes To Terms with the Future of Full Frontal
What will happen when the correspondents force Sam to come to terms with the future of her media empire?

Kyrsten Sinema: A Pain In The Butt For Years
Arizona Senator (and actual elected Democrat) Kyrsten Sinema is blocking Democratic agendas and helping Republicans block voting rights ensuring we finally achieve our founding fathers’ dream of a democracy where no one votes. Naturally, everyone from her Democratic colleagues to grassroots activists are fed up.

Your Favorite Songs Are Written By White Men
Sam explores why a lack of opportunity for women means white men are unfairly setting the standards for music and popular culture, and how women of all races and gender identities continue to struggle for recognition in the music industry.

The Semi-Domestic Threat of Cat Misinformation Videos
Sam sits down with the adorable cats responsible for pushing misinformation across the internet and the experts (Renée DiResta, Jay Van Bavel, and Laura Edelson) trying to stop them. Don’t let anyone tell you cats aren’t destructive.

SCOTUS Judge Stephen Breyer Announces Retirement
This week, Justice Stephen Breyer announced his plans to retire from the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell announced a new rule that you actually can’t replace a Supreme Court Judge the same year they replace M&Ms characters.  

The Latest On Full Frontal’s Podcast, Full Release
Samantha Bee sits down with actor, producer, and fellow podcaster Sean Hayes to discuss the movies they’ve never seen, bringing back celebrity poker tournaments, live theater, and plantar fasciitis and other medical issues she wants him to cover on his podcast HypocondriActor.

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