Sarah Ball’ and ‘Holly Hendry: Fatty Acids.Stephen Friedman Gallery
Sarah Ball’ and ‘Holly Hendry: Fatty Acids.Stephen Friedman Gallery

Sarah Ball and Holly Hendry: Fatty Acids. Stephen Friedman Gallery

This week, we look forward to the opening of solo exhibitions ‘Sarah Ball‘ and ‘Holly Hendry: Fatty Acids‘ in Galleries 1 & 2. Join us at Old Burlington Street for the private views on Thursday 27 January, 6–8pm.

Stephen Friedman Gallery is delighted to present two new solo exhibitions ‘Sarah Ball’ and ‘Holly Hendry: Fatty Acids’.

Demonstrating an acute sensitivity to the psyche of her subjects, Sarah Ball’s enigmatic portraits explore the way we project images of ourselves to the world. The show is accompanied by a new monograph that spans the last five years of the artist’s practice, featuring essays by Flavia Frigeri (curator, National Portrait Gallery, London) and Philomena Epps (writer). Using closely cropped compositions, this body of work celebrates individuals whose self-expression contest conventional gender norms.?

Exploring the idiosyncrasies of the human body, Holly Hendry’s sculptures and installations take formal inspiration from machinery and diagrammatic depictions of anatomy. Transforming the gallery space into a larger-than-life production line for her exhibition, the artist shows feelings and thought processes being ‘manufactured’ and boxed up in an absurd attempt to rationalise the complexity of our bodies’ processes and outputs.?

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Private Views

Gallery 1: Sarah Ball
Gallery 2: Holly Hendry: Fatty Acids
28 January – 26 February 2022
Private Views: Thursday 27 January, 6–8pm

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