TBS, TNT and truTV are Making “MORE” a Mantra with Brand Initiative Committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Los Angeles, CA – February 1, 2022 –The TNets (TBS, TNT, truTV) announced today the official launch of the MORE initiative, a multifaceted campaign highlighting content that celebrates all cultures and showcases diverse stories and voices. The project began its rollout in September of 2021 with the launch of @MoreFromUs on Instagram and Twitter to create a space committed to telling distinct stories and an anthemic featuring WarnerMedia employees alongside network stars like Tracy Morgan, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Niecy Nash, and directed by award-winning Fredgy Noël. 

To grow and further nurture this pipeline of content, the TNets formed new relationships with media partners such as Blavity, The Populace Group, STN, and rising Black animator Loulou João along with communities like Tongal to put short form stories into development and create pilots for the More By: Black Voices Digital Pilot Development Project. Now, in celebration of Black History Month, the TNets are ready to showcase MORE’s first digital series led by Fast Foodies chef Justin Sutherland, Taste the Culture with Justin Sutherland, and more.

  • Taste the Culture with Justin Sutherland follows the Fast Foodies chef as he takes a deep dive into the stories of how food brings communities together. View episode one HERE
  • Points Were Made matches individuals that are representing and elevating BIPOC narratives across industries (TV, sports, music, etc.) for a lively discussion –– all over a round of a selection of games that truly strike a chord in Black culture. 
  • Securing the Bag tells the story of black college athletes learning how to monetize themselves, providing an inside look on their experience navigating the new NCAA NIL rule allowance.  
  • Focket Fyre (animation) is the digital manifestation of a girl belonging to the African Diaspora living within an environment that pushes her into a marginalized position. She is fueled by her colorful background and wants to share the beauty of it all.

“Over a year ago the team asked what more we could do to show up as an equitable and inclusive culture? The answer was this multilayered commitment to elevating and supporting BIPOC creators and their stories,” said Brett Weitz, General Manager of TBS, TNT and truTV. “This isn’t simply a promise or a campaign; it’s part of the TNets DNA and will continue to be on display as these underrepresented audiences are showcased and highlighted throughout TNets branding campaigns, social media verticals, publicity efforts and TV series.”

“The objective for MORE is to provide a platform for content partners who are committed to the campaign’s values and feature stories that showcase diverse cultures,” remarked Missy Chambless, Executive Vice President of Entertainment Marketing, TBS, TNT and truTV. “This initiative begins with a focus on stories that feature Black excellence and will be followed by projects from creators who reflect the ongoing dedication of our networks to foster inclusivity and amplify underrepresented creative voices.”

For more information on the campaign visit MORE Originals YouTube Page HERE

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