Muu Nanahoshi: Hoshigatari. JPS Gallery
Muu Nanahoshi: Hoshigatari. JPS Gallery

Muu Nanahoshi: Hoshigatari. JPS Gallery

JPS Gallery is proud to announce its inaugural exhibit at the new gallery space in Tokyo Shibuya with Muu Nanahoshi’s — “Hoshigatari

For world peace —  by the stars and Muu Nanahoshi.

Since childhood, Muu has instinctively drawn and painted. Based on her own experiences and ideas, she continued to express a world that transcends time and reality through her ink and brushes, all linked by the theme of “the world is all connected”. 

Muu’s work offers a unique perspective on the realm of dreams and reality. By mixing the past, the present and the future of the world with subjects drawn from nature and life, the human world and cosmic existence, the birth of all things and reincarnation, while considering her own feelings and the people she met, Muu creates an interspace dimension between reality and fantasy.

Inspired by nature, and together with the landscapes and memories of her childhood, “Hoshigatari examines the essence of stars, subject that she cherishes, and re-visits often to probe the existence of life and the universe with the hope for a better world.

Hoshigatari in Japanese means ‘messages from the stars and the cosmos’, as well as messages conveyed by Muu Nanahoshi herself in each of her works.

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