Once Upon a Time… Flora Fairbairn and Co. London

A group exhibit ion exploring folklore, myths & fairytales Co-curated by Flora Fairbairn & Katie Heller 23-25 Chiltern Street, London, W1U 7PW






Flora Fairbairn & Co. are thrilled to partner with curator and art advisor Katie Heller on Once Upon a Time…, a presentation exploring folklore, myths and fairytales. This group exhibition brings together a wide selection of artists at various stages of their careers to explore the traditions , beliefs , customs, and stories that have shaped our collective cultural histories, and the roles they play today.

Folklore, myths and fairytales examine the light and the dark in human nature. They provide a vessel for our own inventions and our interconnected journeys. As cultural products of the legacy of storytelling, we identify with these narratives and continue to add and refine, elaborating and translating for new audiences. They engage us with lessons in morality and coach us in perseverance. Stories provide comfort, excitement and humour, as well as a thread that connects each of us through the history of the spoken word.

Once Upon a Time… presents a selection of new and existing works, primarily paintings, drawings, photographs, installation and works on paper, that highlight some of the many diverse perspectives on folklore from different parts of the world throughout the ages. The exhibition runs from 6 – 25 May 2022 in a wonderful 2-storey double fronted space on Chiltern Street, courtesy of The Portman Estate. From 25 May – 31 August, an expanded version of the exhibition will then run online on the Flora Fairbairn & Co. website. A percentage of profits from the exhibition will be donated to the Disaster Emergency Committee’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

Participating artists include:

• Mamma Andersson
• Paul Archard
• Oliver Barnett
• Samuel Bassett
• Greta Bellamacina
• Paul Benney
• Anna Boggon
• Bea Bonafini
• John Caple
• Rob and Nick Carter
• Dinos Chapman
• Aisha Christ ison
• Miranda Donovan
• Ben Edge
• Rosannagh Scarlet Esson
• Minnie Evans
• Tessa Farmer
• Christina Forrer
• Olga Frantskevich
• Tom Gal lant
• Jasper Goodall
• Leah Gordon
• Phil Goss
• David Hockney
• Ann-Marie James
• Mark Karasick
• Tae Kim
• Judit Kristensen
• Henry Krokatsis
• Liane Lang
• Hannah Lees
•Wol fe von Lenkiewicz
• Georges Liautaud
• Mário Macilau
• Robert Montgomery
• Eleanor Moreton
• Ryan Mosley
• Mariele Neudecker
• Abe Odedina
• Zak Ové
• Rebecca Parkin
• Oliver Pearce
• Paige Perkins
• Freya Pocklington
• Paula Rego
• Barry Reigate
• Lorna Robertson
• Orlando Seale
• Nooka Shepherd
• Kiki Smith
• Janet Sobel
• Alexis Soul-Gray
• Suzanne Treister
• Johnson Weree
• Justin Williams

Once Upon a Time…
A group exhibit ion exploring folklore, myths and fairytales*
Co-curated by Flora Fairbairn & Katie Heller
6 – 25 May 2022 | Tues – Sat: 11am – 6pm & Sun: 2pm – 6pm
23 – 25 Chiltern Street, Marylebone, London W1U 7PW
Venue courtesy of the Portman Estate

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