Omar Sy

Omar Sy
Omar Sy. Depostiphotos

Omar Sy was born on January 20, 1978 in rappes, Yvelines, France.

About Omart Sy

Somar Sy is a French actor known for his performances in films like The Intouchables (2011), alongside François Cluzet; the TV series Lupin.

Recently, he has starred in the film Loin du périph (2022).

We have to stop seeing the skin color. I believe that’s the most powerful way to change mentalities and behavior. I had to stop seeing myself in such a limited way. I started doing that as a teenager, and here I am today, because of that. I believe that’s the best way to change things for Black people.

Omar Sy

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We all have a wrong idea of ourselves. I am always changing, and I will continue to change. So, I never try to describe, define or judge myself.

Omar Sy
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