Mac Pierce: “To Byte the Hand That…”. Bert Green Fine Art

May 14 - June 24, 2022






Bert Green Fine Art is pleased to present our first solo show of Chicago-based artist Mac Pierce.

Mac Pierce is an artist working in the various mediums of technology: coding, 3D printing, data automation, and cryptography.
His works examine the meaning of information, how it is perceived, interpreted, and distributed, in an attempt to expose the
intermediation that technological structures use to present information, and to alert the viewer to the distortions present in those

Mac Pierce (b. 1993, in Seattle WA) received a BFA in Studio Art & Design from the University of Idaho in 2014, then worked for 6
years as a creative technologist building large scale public and private art installations. Pierce is currently pursuing an MFA in Art &
Technology Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

All gallery events are free and open to the public. Additional information may be found at the gallery website at

Opening reception
Saturday, May 14, 2-5 pm
Open House style opening. Masks optional for all visitors. No reservations required.

Bert Green Fine Art

8 S Michigan Ave Suite 620, Chicago IL 60603

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