Ricky Gervais – Biography, Series, Quotes

    Ricky Gervais – Biography, Series, Quotes

    Ricky Gervais is a British comedian, actor and writer known for The Office and Extras.

    About Ricky Gervais

    Ricky Gervais
    Ricky Gervais at arrivals for NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM: SECRET OF THE TOMB Premiere, Ziegfeld Theatre, New York, NY December 11, 2014. Photo By: Gregorio T. Binuya/Everett Collection. Depostiphotos

    Ricky Gervais was born on June 25, 1961 in Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom.

    Ricky Dene Gervais is an English comedian, actor, director, and writer. He is best known for co-creating, co-writing, and acting in the British television mockumentary sitcom The Office (2001–2003). He has won seven BAFTA Awards, five British Comedy Awards, two Emmy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, and the Rose d’Or twice (2006 and 2019), and has been nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award. In 2007, he was placed at No. 11 on Channel 4’s 100 Greatest Stand-Ups,[6] and at No. 3 in their 2010 list. In 2010, he was included in the Time 100 list of World’s Most Influential People. (From Wikipedia)

    Nowadays, we have watched him in the Netflix TV Special Ricky Gervais: SuperNature (2022).

    Ricky Gervais Quotes

    Telling someone with depression to pull themselves together is about as useful as telling someone with cancer to just stop having cancer.

    Ricky Gervais

    I’ve never been insulted by hateful Satanists for not believing in their devil. Only by loving Christians for not believing in their God.

    Ricky Gervais

    Ricky Gervais on MCM

    Video: Ricky Gervais Globos Ricky Gervais – Golden Globes 2020 (Uncensored, HD)

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