I Feel Too Much, by Alicia McBride
I Feel Too Much, by Alicia McBride

Author Offers Advice for Dealing with Sensitive People Who Are Overwhelmed, Anxious or Depressed

READING, Pa., May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Is there someone in your life that cries at the drop of a hat? Is overwhelmed, anxious or depressed? Are you tired of not knowing what to do for them? Alicia McBride, author of two books on empaths — people who pick up the energy and feelings of others — says such people are often poorly understood by themselves and others. As she will explain, if an empath encounters someone who is sad they will become sad; if it is someone who is in pain, they will be in pain too.

Alicia McBride
Alicia McBride

In an interview, McBride can share guidance from her book, I Feel Too Much (As You Wish Publishing), which can be life-changing for empaths and those who love them. She can answer such questions as:

  • How can you be sure you are dealing with an empath? What are the hallmarks?
  • What are the steps empaths can use to protect themselves from harboring other people’s negative energies?
  • What are the gifts empaths bring that make people flock to them?
  • What alternative healing therapies may be useful?
  • How did she discover that she was an empath and what was her life like before she realized what was going on?

About the Author

Alicia McBride is a leading voice for empaths. She is the internationally best-selling author of I Feel Too Much: A How-to Guide for the Beginner Empath and The Empath Effect. She has also written the children’s book I Love You When. An empath and healer, she holds a B.A. in psychology and is a Reiki master and a certified yoga instructor.

Contact: Alicia McBride at (484) 369-1464; [email protected]HealingLightEmpath.com

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