Centauro (2022)
Centauro (2022)

Édgar Vittorino – Biography, Movies, Videos

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Édgar Vittorino is a Colombian actor known for his role in Daniel Calparsoro‘s movie, Centauro.

Edgar de Jesus Romero Vittorino was born on June 10, 1988 in Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia.


is an actor known for the movies Bajocero (2021) and Nieva en Benidorm (2020).

In TV, he has appeared in many series such as Oye Bonita, Vis a Vis (2019, El Robo del Siglo (2020), Desaparecidos (2021) and he is the “bad guy” in Vivir sin Permiso.


Édgar Vittorino Movies and Series on MCM


Video: Interview with Édgar Vittorino (Spanish)

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