André & Vito Gogola
André & Vito Gogola

Interview with André & Vito Gogola

First of all, let’s talk about the series. They are comedic short films to show us… lies? Trues? As you said, South Park, it’s a real influence. What’s the difference between the series, and what is your point of provocation and education?

We think history is a really fascinating subject, but sometimes fascinating subjects can be told in a really boring way. The point with History on Crack is to teach people about history, but in an entertaining way. Some jokes might be perceived as shocking, but then again you can’t be shocked and bored at the same time. If shock helps us teach people something, we must’ve done something good!

2.- And about you both: do you do all the work together? Do you divide pieces? What’s the difference between Andre and Vito Gogola.

We work together completely, but we don’t have a clear plan for how we divide things. Usually one of us comes up with an idea, starts working on it and shows it to the other one, and the other one takes over and continues work. It’s a back-and-forth process with a lot of feedback. We’re not sure there’s much difference between us, but we’ve been told one of us is a little taller.

History on Crack
History on Crack

3.- This series is different from previous short films. How did you make this transition? Was it difficult?

Not really, we have tons of ideas and different sides to us. We’ve always loved comedy and did some small comedy projects back in our teens. André even did some stand-up! Although History on Crack is a little different than, for example, our short film Broken Swedish, we strive to keep an essence of ourselves in all of our projects and do what’s genuine to us.

4.- What do you want in the future before the Oscars?

We want to develop and expand on our creativity as much as possible and put them up under our name on YouTube or any other platform, and build our own world, our own cinema, our own little industry. The next step we look forward to is refining the projects we’ve already started, as well as start making a feature film.


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