Judd Tully, Credit: Anthony Sherin
Judd Tully, Credit: Anthony Sherin

Judd Tully

Producer / director was born in Chicago and educated at American University, Washington, DC. His career in journalism began as a cub reporter with the ’70’s underground paper The Berkeley Barb where he covered the politically charged trials of the Soledad Brothers, George Jackson and Angela Davis in San Francisco and Marin County. For over two decades, he was Editor-at-Large of Art & Auction magazine. His journalism and art criticism has appeared in Flash Art, Artnews, the Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, and The Art Newspaper, as well as his blog juddtully.net.

Judd has been frequently interviewed on BBC Radio, CNN, MSNBC, as well as cameo appearances in a number of documentary films that chronicle the rise and fall of the art market and scandals associated with it including the CNBC “American Greed: The Art of the Steal” and “Driven to Abstraction,” the expose of the $80 million art forgery at the once-venerated Knoedler Gallery.

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