Julio Anaya Cabanding Tales
Julio Anaya Cabanding Tales

Tales, a Solo Exhibition by Julio Anaya Cabanding. Nanzuka. Tokyo

NANZUKA is pleased to present a solo exhibition with Spanish artist Julio Anaya Cabanding at NANZUKA 2G.

Julio Anaya Cabanding was born in 1987 in Malaga, Spain, where he currently continues to live and work.
Cabanding is known for his reworkings of historical paintings spanning the classical period to the present, employing found materials such as used pieces of cardboard or wood, or the wall itself as his support medium. Such practice derives from the artist’s endeavor to explore the extent to which paintings can become familiar and accessible.

Addressing contexts such as reproduction and appropriation art, as well as street art and issues of materials within art in a multidisciplinary manner, Cabanding’s work can be regarded as a new form of 21st century art that attempts to raise questions regarding the conditions of the current art system which heralds and places emphasis on museum institutions and academism.

This exhibition presents a new series of works inspired by the paintings of the 20th century master Pablo Picasso, who like Cabanding, was born and raised in Malaga.

We look forward to welcoming you to the exhibitions.

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Julio Anaya Cabanding


June 1 (Wed.) – June 26 (Sun.), 2022


*Opening hours are same as Shibuya PARCO

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