American Horror Stories List of Chapters

    List of episodes of AHSS (American Horror Stories)

    List of chapters of AHSS (American Horror Stories).

    Season 2

    Chapter 1: Dollhouse


    21 Jul. 2022

    It is 1961, in Mississippi. An eccentric doll factory owner has abducted several young women, and has forced them to live in his real-life replica of a dollhouse, where they must dress-up and act like dolls. Unable to escape, the women find themselves in a sinister contest, or selection process, to become the perfect mommy to the man’s son. Read More

    Chapter 2: ‘Aura

    American Horror Stories: Aura

    28 Jul. 2022

    After moving into a new residential neighborhood, a couple is harassed by a strange visitor. Aura is an ultra-modern intelligent home security system that will prevent the unwanted guests from getting into their home… or not. Read More

    American Horror Stories Season 2 Chapter 3
    American Horror Stories Season 2 Chapter 3

    Chapter 3: Drive

    4 Aug. 2022

    Marcy is in an open marriage, which she enjoys by going to nightclubs for a “rendezvous” or two. On her way home from a nightclub she is chased by a mysterious car… Read more

    Chapter 4: Milkmaids

    11 Aug. 2022

    Chapter 5: Bloody Mary

    18 Aug. 2022

    Chapter 6: Facelift

    25 Aug. 2022

    Chapter 7: Necro

    1 Sep. 2022

    Chapter 8: Lake

    8 Sep. 2022

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