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Greta Gerwig – Movies, Videos, Quotes

Greta Gerwig is an actress and filmmaker known for the movies Hannah Takes the Stairs (2007) and Greenberg (2010). Gerwig has directed several movies, amongst, some of the more prominent ones, so far are: Lady Bird (2017), Little Women (2019), and Barbie (2023).

She stars in White Noise (2022)alongside Adam Diver.

Greta Gerwig Quotes:

“I wrote the script to ‘Lady Bird,’ and it really came out of a desire to make a project about home – like, what the meaning of home is, and place. I knew Sacramento very well, obviously, growing up there, and I felt like the right way to tell a story of a place was through a person who’s about to leave it.”

“I thought movies were handed down by God. I knew that theater was made by people because I saw the people in front of me, but movies seemed like they were delivered, wholly made, from Zeus’s head or something.”

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