Isabelle Fuhrman
Isabelle Fuhrman at's 'The Power of Youth' Gala. Madame Tussauds, Hollywood, CA. 08-08-09. Depostiphotos

Isabelle Fuhrman – Movies; Quotes, Videos

Isabelle Fuhrman is an American Actress known for the movies, Orphan (2009) and The Novice (2021).

Isabelle Fuhrman
Isabelle Fuhrman at the World Premiere of ‘World Of Color,’ Disney’s California Adventure, Amaheim, CA. 06-10-10. Depostiphotos

About Isabelle Fuhrman

Isabelle Fuhrman was born on February 25, 1997 in Washington D. C., United States.

Isabelle Fuhrman made her debut in the 2007 drama movie, Hounddog.(2007). After that, she rose to fame thanks to her impressive role in the horror movie, Orphan (2009). She appeared in the black comedy, Salvation Boulevard and she played the role as CLove in The Hunger Games, the saga starred Jennifer Lawrence. She has a recurrent role in the series; Masters of Sex. She also appeared in Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (2021).

She starred in The Novice (2021), a tour de force for her and, in 2022, she will appear in the prequel of Orphan, Orphan First Kill (2022).

Isabelle Fuhrman Quotes

“Twilight’ has a supernatural reference to it with werewolves and vampires. ‘Harry Potter’ has magic. ‘The Hunger Games’ is about real people put into extreme situations and circumstances”.

“People pretend to know me when they don’t. I feel uncomfortable when I feel like I don’t remember someone”.

Isabelle Fuhrman Movies on MCM

Video: Isabelle Fuhrman interview for Orphan (the creepy girl haha)

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