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Katie Holmes – Movies, Videos, Quotes

Katie Holmes is an American actress known for the series Dawson’s Creek (1998-2003) and movies like Batman Begins (2005) and Thank You for Smoking (2005).

Katie Holmes. Depostiphotos

About Katie Holmes

Kate Noelle Holmes was born on December 18, 1978 in Toledo, Ohio, United States.

Katie Holmes made her acting debut in the movie, The Ice Storm (1997). After that, she rose to fame thanks to her main role in the TV series Dawson’s Creek and she worked in a horror movie with James Madsen. She has roles in the critically acclaimed movies, Pieces of April (2003) and Thank You for Smoking (2005).

We love her in the movie starring Michael Douglas, Wonder Boys (2000).

She starred in The Secret: Dare to Dream (2020) and co-starred in Coda (2019).

And her last movie is Alone Together (2022) a romantic drama released in July 2022. She is the writer and the director of this film.

Holmes has also done modelling work for big brands

Yes, she was married to Tom Cruise.

Movies Katie Holmes Has Appeared In:

  • Go, Teaching Mrs. Tingle (1999)
  • Wonder Boys (2000)
  • The Gift (2000),
  • Abandon (2002)
  • Phone Booth (2002)
  • The Singing Detective (2003)
  • Pieces of April (2003)
  • First Daughter (2004)
  • Batman Begins (2005)
  • Thank You for Smoking (2005)
  • Mad Money (2008)
  • Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (2010)
  • Jack and Jill (2011)
  • Miss Meadows (2014)
  • Woman in Gold (2015)
  • Touched with Fire (2015)
  • Logan Lucky (2017)
  • Dear Dictator (2018)
  • Ocean’s Eight (2018)
  • Coda (2019)
  • Brahms: The Boy II (2020)
  • The Secret: Dare to Dream (2020)
  • Tom Cruise: An Eternal Youth (2020)

See her full filmography here.

Katie Holmes Best Quotes

“When ‘Top Gun’ came out, my sisters were like, ‘Oh, my God, ‘Top Gun!’ Tom Cruise!’ And I very confidently said, ‘I’m going to marry him one day.’ It wasn’t like, ‘How do I get to Tom Cruise?’ It was just, ‘I think I’m going to marry him. Why not? He’ll like me. I’m fun.'”

“I’m not strictly vegetarian, but meat doesn’t play a big part in my diet”.

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