Crash and Land
Crash and Land

Lost Tapir Productions Presents: Crash and Land

Crash and Land is the exciting debut of playwright and director Tiffany Marina Pearmund, following the story of Wendy, Nora, Gabrielle and Sasha – four flatmates living in London as they discover who they are, and how they fit together, in an ever-changing world.

It’s a story that explores the complexities of relationships, of family, of gender and sexuality. It’s about love and being young and making mistakes, trying to find a way to accept yourself no matter what.

Performers: Tiffany Marina Pearmund as Wendy, Bryony Barclay as Nora, Laura Essex as Gabrielle, Grace Emmett as Sasha, Matt Ackermann as David.

Director and Playwright: Tiffany Marina Pearmund

Producers: Emily Dickson and Conor Dye, Lost Tapir Productions, and Tiffany Marina Pearmund.

Assistant Director: Camille Allan

Stage Manager: Chi



Thursday 14th July @7pm  

Friday 15th July @7pm 

Sunday 17th July @7pm 

The Canal Cafe Theatre

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