Michaël Borremans: The Acrobat. David Zwirner Books

Michaël Borremans: The Acrobat. David Zwirner Books

Featuring a breathtaking selection of Michaël Borremans’s lustrous paintings, this catalogue showcases the artist’s technical mastery and creative use of mise-en-scène.

Recalling classical painting, both through technical mastery and choice in subject matter, Borremans’s depictions of the surprising and the bizarre invite a second look. Solemn portraits, uncanny scenes of figures looking at blurred acrobatic displays, or hooded subjects rendered in Rembrandt-esque lighting demonstrate Borremans’s unique vision. In this recent body of work, Borremans continues to draw the viewer in closer with his intimately scaled paintings of mysterious figures in peculiar arenas. 

Accessible yet full of rich detail, this pocket-size book features fifteen masterful works offering a mystifying narrative. An illuminating text by Katya Tylevich mines the scenes that Borremans evokes in his paintings, conjuring the multidimensionality of the works’ emotional power and their unique place in the lineage of art history.

Text by Katya Tylevich

David Zwirner Books


4.5 × 7 in | 11.4 × 17.8 cm

64 pages, 18 illustrations

ISBN 978-1-64423-083-1

$20 | $25 CAN | £15

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