‘Welcome to Wedding Hell’ Netflix Series

    ‘Welcome to Wedding Hell’ Netflix Series

    Welcome to Wedding Hell is a comedy series created by Song Je-young, Seo Joo-wan and Choi I-rang. Starring Lee Jin-wook and Lee Yeon-hee.

    A simple and a bit boring comedy that doesn’t take off at the beginning… nor does it later.

    No hay boda sin caos
    No hay boda sin caos


    Weddings are always a cause for joy, or maybe not. In this series, the wedding becomes a struggle, as the title very clearly suggests.

    About ‘Welcome to Wedding Hell’

    This series takes off insipidly, thereby setting the tone for its duration right from the beginning.

    It does not engage us, and does not seem to aim to, being contented with remaining a piece of fluff.

    Undoubtedly, this is a series produced for easy watching, without much hoopla. The humor in this series is not particularly subtle, and that might dissuade a few, if not many, from finding it funny.

    Its strength is stylistically, leaning on sweet pastel colors. The characters are not portrayed with much depth, nor are the situations they find themselves in..

    A story that develops slowly, in a series with too many episodes – there are 12.

    Release Date

    August 1, 2022.

    Where to Watch Welcome to Wedding Hell

    On Netflix.

    Series Trailer

    Welcome to Wedding Hell
    Welcome to Wedding Hell

    Name: Welcome to Wedding Hell

    Description: Weddings are always a cause for joy, or maybe not. This time, the wedding becomes a struggle.

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