JD Miller
JD Miller’s: Reflections from Dragon Street

JD Miller’s: Reflections from Dragon Street. Samuel Lynne Galleries

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DALLAS, TEXAS – September 17th, 2022 – Samuel Lynne Galleries is pleased to announce renowned contemporary artist JD Miller’s solo exhibition titled Reflections from Dragon Street, which will take place on September 17th, 2022 from 5-8pm. This exhibition is a reflective journey through Miller’s newest artist book, JD Miller: Reflections From Dragon Street. Viewers will enjoy artworks featured in the book on display, giving the opportunity to soak in all the textures and details of Miller’s unique 3-Dimensional Oil technique. Miller’s book is a fabulous culmination of the best of his paintings from the past twenty years, and this exhibition plans to bring the book to life, pulling the artworks from the pages onto the gallery walls. As he utilizes color, texture, and shape Miller creates a visual experience like you have never seen before. Samuel Lynne Galleries welcomes you for an evening of awe-inspiring artwork and community. 
Miller will be present at the exhibition reception to meet guests and give an artist talk. We will conclude the evening with a book signing, to have your own copy of Reflections from Dragon Street commemorated by the artist. 
JD Miller began his painting career 25 years ago with a vision, which has evolved both into Samuel Lynne Galleries, and his newest book. A large majority of displayed artworks will be from Miller’s newest collection, inspired by classical works from Peter Paul Rubens, which take on new life in the creation and evolution of Miller’s own style. Miller imbues his prismatic work with a spirit of positive energy, love, peace, and joy as a fulfillment of his Reflectionist philosophy. Within Reflectionism, Miller calls upon the universal vibrations of light and sound to flow through him, which allows for the molding of oil paint; a unique process that distinguishes him from other artists. Miller creates impactful, strong, and enlivening canvases that take viewers on an existential journey. His passion for painting and his process for positive energy attracting positive energy translates the law of vibration into the passion emanating from the artwork. This philosophy fueled the title for Miller’s book, JD Miller; Reflections From Dragon Street, and will be the energy that fills this remarkable exhibition.
This long-awaited exhibition for SLG leading artist JD Miller welcomes our clients and the public. Join us in celebrating JD Miller, an artist who reminds us all to reflect on the beauty and joy of the world, for the most all-encompassing exhibition he has presented to date. 

JD Miller
JD Miller

“When we’re in the studio, we are always aware of being fully present in the moment and for the most part trying to vibrate at high levels of energy—joy, gratitude, love and other empowering emotions that are mirrored in our art.  It is simply being aware of and being grounded in the law of attraction. I practice Reflectionism in my three-dimensional oil painting, but anyone can be a Reflectionist by practicing these ideas in their respective creative disciplines.”

JD Miller

Samuel Lynne Galleries

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