Lost Ollie
Lost Ollie (2022)

Lost Ollie (2022) – Netflix Series

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Lost Ollie is a charming series directed by Peter Ramsey that mixes a lot of animation (in every sense) with live-action. It stars Jonathan Groff and Gina Rodriguez.

A series… for kids of all ages. We are sure you will love it.


A cute little bunny goes on a quest to find his big friend Billy, the boy he grew up with.

Lost Ollie
Lost Ollie (2022)

Release Date

August 24, 2022.

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Lost Ollie
Lost Ollie (2022)


Jonathan Groff / Ollie (voice)

Mary J. Blige / Rosy (voice)

Tim Blake Nelson / Zozo (voice)

Jake Johnson / Daddy

Gina Rodriguez / Momma

Kesler Talbot / Billy

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