Chu Hing Wah
Chu Hing Wah (b.1935). Mosaic of Fairies 2019. Ink and Color on Paper 66 x 96 cm. Image Courtesy of the Artist and Hanart TZ Gallery

Chu Hing Wah: Bare Life. Hanart TZ GALLERY. Hong Kong

9/10 – 5/11/2022 Artist’s Reception on Mid-Autumn Festival 9/10/2022 SATURDAY 1-4pm

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Chu Hing Wah
Chu Hing Wah (b.1935). Primaeval World 2018 Ink and Color on Paper 145 x 105 cm. Image Courtesy of the Artist and Hanart TZ Gallery

Hanart TZ Gallery is pleased to present “Chu Hing Wah: Bare Life”, opening on 10 September 2022, featuring over 20 pieces of new work. Apart from Chu’s acclaimed “Cityscape” and “Floral” series, this exhibition highlights on a series of “Nude”, a new body of work attached to the artist’s deep feeling of the love of life.

Although deeply interested in painting in his youth, Chu Hing-Wah chose to train as a psychiatric nurse. From this time on, his professional career and his art-making developed side by side. Chu’s style and technique have the innocent quality of the primitive painter, but at its core, his art is infused with a sophisticated understanding. The emotional tenor of his works is free of the sense of crass urbanity even as his imagery is drawn from scenes of urban Hong Kong life. With his keen sensitivity to the fragility of the human psyche, Chu understands that for ordinary people in the city, life’s true pleasure is still found in the bonds of community and family. These are the strengths that enable us to withstand the corrosive quality of this commercialised age. They are the starting points from which we form a bond with our world.


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