Adrian Cheng celebrates 90 years of Zervos at Frieze Seoul

Adrian Cheng and Cahiers d’Art celebrate 90 years of Zervos at the inaugural edition of Frieze Seoul

During the inaugural edition of Frieze Seoul, Adrian Cheng of K11 Group and Cahiers d’Art will present Christian Zervos’ renowned catalogue raisonné Pablo Picasso in partnership with LITO. To mark the 90th anniversary of the original French language volume, known simply as Zervos and published in 1932, an English language edition will make its way to Korea. To celebrate the iconic tome, K11, Cahiers d’Art, Sotheby’s and LITO will co-host a private event during Frieze Seoul.

Bringing this modern masterpiece to the continent aligns with the mission of K11 to create cross-cultural exchange and contribute to the art discourse by collaborating and partnering with leading cultural institutions and industry specialists around the globe,” says K11 founder Adrian Cheng. “By presenting the Zervos in Asia, we aim to inspire our community and spark conversations among its artists, curators and collectors.”

In the early 1930s, art historian Christian Zervos began the herculean task of cataloguing Picasso’s vast oeuvre and prolific output, making it his life’s work. The first volume of Pablo Picasso by Christian Zervos was published in French in 1932 by Zervos’ publishing company, Cahiers d’Art. Together with Picasso and over four decades, he published 33 volumes with more than 16,000 paintings and drawings by the artist.

In celebration of the 90th anniversary of Zervos this year, Adrian Cheng will host a private event during Frieze Seoul with guests of honour, Cécile Debray, President of the Musée National Picasso-Paris and Staffan Ahrenberg, CEO and owner of Cahiers d’Art, along with other art world luminaries. An English edition of Zervos will be available in Seoul to view by appointment throughout the week

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