Deus (2022), The Dark Sphere – Movie Trailer

Deus: The Dark Sphere is a British science fiction movie directed by Steve Stone, starring Claudia Black, Richard Blackwood and Phil Davis.


The crew of The Achilles spacecraft is woken up from an eight months hibernation, and directed to investigate a mysterious dark sphere that is orbiting Mars. The Sphere is transmitting a single word in every Earthly language ever known – Deus.

Where to Watch Deus: The Dark Sphere

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Claudia Black / Karla Grey
Richard Blackwood / Sen Paul
Phil Davis / Vance
Lisa Eichhorn / Mother
Charlie MacGechan / Sean Walsh
David O’Hara / Ulph
Sophia Pettit / Jess
Branko Tomovic / Si Rubin
Crystal Yu Crystal Yu / Tez Turreau

Movie Trailer

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