Rachael Cecil & Kyle Hanson

Rachael Cecil & Kyle Hanson Win The 2022 Onewheel ‘Race For The Rail’ World Championships

SKY TAVERN, Nev., Aug. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Future Motion, makers of Onewheel, today announced that two-time Race for the Rail competitors, Rachael Cecil and Kyle Hanson, won the 2022 Race for the Rail World Championships. Cecil and Hanson each took home a $10,000 grand prize and were crowned the respective women’s and men’s 2022 World Champions. The replay of the action-packed women’s and men’s races are available on Onewheel’s YouTube channel.

The Race for the Rail is Onewheel’s biggest and most ambitious racing competition of the year. Over the two days of competition, twenty of the best Onewheel riders descended on Nevada’s Sky Tavern Resort to compete in a boardercross-style race for a chance to claim the title of World Champion and their chance at the $25,000 prize purse.

The competition featured riders who earned a spot in the finals by competing in one of the Onewheel Racing League’s two National Qualifying events. Racers were placed into brackets and descended on off-road trails four at a time, with the two fastest riders advancing to the next round.

Both Cecil and Hanson avenged second-place finishes in the 2021 Race For The Rail by taking the top spot in this year’s event. In the women’s race, Cecil passed the number one ranked rider, Mercedes Silva, on the final turn to seal her victory. Meanwhile, on the men’s side, Hanson was able to find clean lines and stick perfect landings off jumps to win.

“This was the most epic moment the Onewheel world has ever seen,” said Chief Evangelist Jack Mudd. “The course was more challenging than ever. We built a ramp over a truck, but still, these riders were up for the challenge. To see the emotion at the end of these races was really special. It’s what makes the sport so great, and we’re lucky to have people like Rachael and Kyle lead it.”

This year, the racing was made even more extreme with the rider’s use of the brand new Onewheel GT, which packs more power and speed and offers significantly greater foot placement and contouring to maximize control while in rough and challenging terrain.

Future Motion products are available at www.onewheel.com and at select dealers worldwide. Onewheel Pint X retails for $1400 and offers riders a range of 12-18 miles with a top speed of 18mph; Onewheel GT is available for $2,200 and offers riders a range of 20-32 miles with a top speed of 20mph. Fenders, high-speed Ultrachargers, and other accessories are also available at www.onewheel.com

Images from the event can be found here.

About Future Motion, Inc

Founded in 2013, Future Motion is committed to designing and developing inspiring vehicles that include both elegant form and unprecedented function. Future Motion’s products, Onewheel Pint X and Onewheel GT exemplify its dedication to crafting products that bridge recreation and transportation. Future Motion designs not only the Onewheel product line but also all the subsystems that power it, including custom brushless motors, power electronics, and battery modules. Onewheel, which provides a riding experience similar to surfing but on paved or unpaved trails, is perfectly situated in Santa Cruz where the mountains meet the sea. Its products are protected by over 37 issued patents in the U.S. and worldwide.

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