Dianne Braley
Pulitzer Prize-winning author William Styron (bottom) helped Dianne Braley (right) discover her love of writing while staying in Martha's Vineyard. Her forthcoming novel The Silence in the Sound (left) was inspired by this experience.

The Silence in the Sound, by Dianne Braley

Poignant tale inspired by Sophie's Choice author and his real-life nurse

Caring for William Styron Inspired Me to Write

Dianne Braley

BOSTON, Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — An award-winning, coming-of-age tale, crafted by the former caregiver to the Pulitzer-Prize winning author William Styron, Dianne Braley’s The Silence in the Sound will be released by Koehler Books on August 23rd, 2022.

The Silence in the Sound is a women’s upmarket novel about a young nurse who escapes her past on Martha’s Vineyard Island – hoping memories won’t follow. While working on Martha’s Vineyard, the ailing celebrity author Mr. S. helps heal old wounds; and new ones emerge in a toxic love affair.

The Silence in the Sound is inspired by author Dianne Braley’s real experiences caring for Pulitzer prize-winning novelist William Styron. He not only was her patient but soon became her friend and motivator. His books helped realize she had some stories of her own to tell.

Braley has partnered with the Robert F. Kennedy Community Alliance organization and their division that assists children and families affected by addiction in Massachusetts. Part of the proceeds from her book will be shared with the organization.

Author Dianne C. Braley is a registered nurse with a passion for music, poetry, and literature. Braley has been featured in various online and printed publications. Her nursing blog, Nursing the Neighborhood, was named one of the top nursing blogs of 2018 by Nurse Recruiter. The Silence in the Sound has been named a winner in the Women’s Fiction category in the April 2022 Firebird Book Awards.

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