Oswaldo Vigas
Oswaldo Vigas. Personaje Naciente, 1954. Oil on Canvas. 144,1 x 113,7 cm / 56.73 × 44.76 in. Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Oswaldo Vigas: New Online Catalogue Raisonné

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NEW YORK – The Oswaldo Vigas Foundation announces the launch of the Oswaldo Vigas online Catalogue Raisonné. Oswaldo Vigas (1923-2014) was a pioneering Venezuelan artist who developed a unique artistic vocabulary inspired by the magical and mystical elements of Latin American culture. 

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This web-based resource, thoroughly researched by the Oswaldo Vigas Foundation with the support of Axel Stein, head of the Latin American Art Department at Sotheby’s from 2011-2018, is the first complete online Catalogue Raisonné of any Venezuelan modern or contemporary artist. The online document will contribute to Vigas’s artistic legacy by allowing scholars, curators, collectors and the general public to freely access the information and browse through the crossed references. 
“With more than 3000 paintings catalogued, numbered, with their corresponding complete gallery and museum exhibition history, published literature in catalogues, books and periodicals, the complete online Catalogue Raisonné of Oswaldo Vigas is the indispensable tool to fully understand the artist’s trajectory,” said Axel Stein.“The presence of any work in the Catalogue is an ironclad guarantee of its authenticity,” he added.
This online resource will allow for a better understanding of the sources of Vigas’s first works related to his vision of America, his Parisian period in the 1950s and 1960s which culminated in his famous Central University of Venezuela (UCV) murals, now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the work that he made when he returned to Venezuela in 1964 until his death in 2014.

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