Go, Dog, Go
Go, Dog, Go

Go, Dog, Go – Animation Series for Kids on Netflix

Go, Dog, Go is an animated series directed by Kiran Sangherra. It premiered in 2020 and now we get new chapters with more adventures and funny adventures of these two great and nice friends.


Tag and Chuchi will live funny and ingenious adventures.

Release Date

19 de septiembre del 2022.

Where to Watch Go, Dog, Go



Michela Luci / Tag (voice)

Callum Shoniker / Scooch (voice)

Martin Roach / Paw (voice)

David Berni / Frank (voice)

Anand Rajaram

Beans (voice)

Linda Ballantyne / Lady Lydia / Sgt Pooch / Mayor Sniffington (voice)

Patrick McKenna / Grandpaw / Manhole Dog (voice)

Katie Griffin / Mom (voice)

Tajja Isen / Cheddar Biscuit (voice)

Judy Marshak / Grandmaw (voice)

Go, Dog, Go
Go, Dog, Go

Name: Go, Dog, Go

Description: Tag y Chuchi vivirán divertidas e ingeniosas aventuras

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3.1 (112 votes)

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