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One Way is a thriller directed by Andrew Baird, starring Travis Fimmel, Drea de Matteo and Kevin Bacon.


Freddy escapes with a bag full of cash and cocaine. He is wounded, and he is running out of time. His situation is desperate.

One Way (2022)

Intense from the get-go, One Way is a dark, high-voltage thriller that intends to provide its kicks with fast scenes, hyper-active dialogues over cellphones, and a dingy setting. Fast, dark, and unpleasant, just as was intended by the creators.

The ambience is well crafted, being the camerawork and the cinematography the highlights of the movie. With excellent frames, and effective close-ups, and dim lighting the mood is set. Those two aspects manage all too well to convey the absolute stress the protagonist is under as he is on the run from the head honcho mob boss.

It counts with an ensemble of good actors who had the guts to play their respective roles. Their performances are undeniably good, like the characters in the story or not. Kevin Bacon impresses yet again, this time playing the psycho mob boss, who knows how to intimidate just by the intonation of his voice.

If you are in the mood for a high-voltage thriller this might be the movie for you. This movie is impactful, thanks to its technical and interpretative quality.

Our Opinion

Like the movie or not, it cannot be denied that it is well produced, and that the performances are outstanding. It is intense and fast-paced, at times dizzying, so if you are seeking to just chill, this might not be the option.

Release Date

September 2, 2022 (United States)

Where to Watch One Way

In theaters


Machine Gun Kelly / Freddy

Storm Reid / Rachel

Drea de Matteo / Vic

Travis Fimmel / Will

Luis Da Silva Jr. / JJ

Meagan Holder / Christine

Kevin Bacon / Fred Sr.

Rhys Coiro / Coco

Kendall Dugan / Hailey

Danny Bohnen / Oleg

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