The Shanahans
The Shanahans, by Doctor Jac

The Shanahans, by Doctor Jac

The latest small town mystery from Palmetto Publishing is a lively and heartwarming Irish family saga

Doctor Jac’s newest action series revolves around an extraordinary Irish family, beautifully flawed and utterly relatable

Charleston, SC, Aug. 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — What would you do if you lost your job, house, wife and baby all within 3 months? That’s the heartbreak facing Michael Fitzpatrick in Dr. Jac Fitzenz’ latest novel The Shanahans.

Set in the late 1950s, The Shanahans is a page-turning Irish adventure that follows Mike, a 32-year-old Boston sports writer. Nearly in despair, he receives a lifeline through a phone call from his friend, retired Gaelic football star and Irish national hero Padraig Shanahan, who begs Mike to come to Waterford, Ireland, to rescue his failing magazine, Irish Sports

Upon arrival, Mike faces stiff opposition from One-Pint Sullivan, alcoholic editor of the magazine, as well as Padraig’s 28-year-old twin daughters, all of whom wish he would go back to Boston. Dealing with incompetence, betrayal, embezzlement, and attempted murder, Mike handles Sullivan, copes with two outsiders bent on making trouble for the Shanahans, and eventually wins the heart of one of the daughters.

“In my career, I’ve travelled to over 50 countries,” says Doctor Jac. “Ireland has always been one of my favorites. What better setting for my newest series, The Shanahans?” 

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About the Author:

A former naval intelligence officer, Dr. Jac Fitzenz has authored 15 books, both fiction and non-fiction, and nearly 400 magazine articles. He has won the Society for Human Resource Management national book award twice. After leaving the navy, he founded Saratoga Institute, an international human capital research and consulting company. Over the course of his career, he lectured to and trained over 90,000 people on six continents. Now retired and penning novels, he lives with his wife in San Jose, California, where he’s involved in veteran’s programs. When he isn’t writing, he can be found on the golf course.

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