’20th Century Girl’ – Movie on Netflix

20th Century Girl is a Netflix movie directed by Woo-ri Bang, starring Kim You-jung, Byeon Woo-seok and Park Jung-woo.

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Yeon-du asks her best friend Bora to collect all the information she can about Baek Hyun-jin while she is away in the U.S. for heart surgery. Bora decides to get close to Baek’s best friend, Pung Woon-ho first. However, Bora’s clumsy plan unfolds in an unexpected direction. In 1999, a year before the new century, Bora, who turns seventeen, falls into the fever of first love.

Release Date

October 21, 2022.

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Kim You-jung / Na Bo-ra

Park Jung-woo / Baek Hyun-jin

Roh Yoon-seo / Kim Yeon-du

Kim Sung-kyung / Bo-ra’s Mother

Jeong Seok-yong / Bo-ra’s Father

Han Hyo-joo / Na Bo-ra (adult)

Lee Chun-moo / Bo-ra’s Brother

Yoon Yi-reh / Madam

Gong Myoung

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